Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wake Up Call

Good little me hasn't had my hair cut in six months, haven't had my nails done in four, and God forbid I should have my eyebrows done. But parties are coming up and a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

Until she's stopped in her tracks by carelessly leaving her debit card and driver's license, that she randomly puts in her pocket to avoid having to carry her purse, at home. Then she's stuck to groveling and begging that they'll take her check without her license number.

Up til now everybody has so sweetly in the holiday cheer said yes, until I decide to get my nails done and the lady runs by the bank with my check on the way to pick up laundry and comes back and tells me my account has no money in it.

Fast forward half an hour, my credit card that we're not supposed to be using any way is expired as of last month, my debit card is home, no way will they take my check, and my nails are freshly wet. Five phone calls later there is money in the account and they are taking Brando's debit card number over the phone.

And the girl walks out in tears. Oh yeah that would be me. Whatever. It's easier to write about in third person. After some hard thinking and realizing this isn't as horribly bad as it could be, just horribly embarrasing she realizes this may have been a SOFT version of a wake up call to do what we need to do now.

We need to 1) Sell the house (currently getting a CMA done on it), 2) Get rid of storage back in Marble Falls (storage owner is finding someone to take the huge playset that's been hindering getting rid of that $55/mo. payment) 3) Sell a car.

Maybe I am nieve or stupid in thinking people float around on the money they do, or maybe it's just not aired enough that we don't actually have the money, it's credit. When, like us, we decide not to do credit it's overdraft fees or seriously sucking it in. Any way I'm airing it in case there's someone else out there like me who nievely thought it all came easy.


Heather said...

AWWWW but at least you got your nails done. The rest will just fall into place one least that is what I tell myself.

girl from florida said...

You are not naive at all- it seems like everyone else has SO much money to give Christmas gifts/etc with and you're just wondering, how do they do it? True- some of my friends have unreal salaries. Two working parents = lots of money! But soooo many people rely on credit cards to get by. You guys are a complete rarity, not using credit- that's amazing!

s said...

i think it's great that you guys aren't using credit. it may be frustrating, but i know so many people that are credit card debt because they lived beyond their means. sometimes i feel like there is such a pressure to compete which makes people really go crazy with the credit cards. just keep being smart and you guys are going to be great!! xo

Cecilia said...

Believe me, money woes are just not aired out that much. It is, indeed, amazing that you aren't relying on credit (I don't...and will try not to go there). It is simpler (and smarter) this way.


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