Saturday, December 16, 2006


We went to the Marble Falls Walkway of Lights with our tenant tonight. He paid the guys at the hot cocoa stand to sing a carol for us, just like last year. They sang Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in chorus for us and the kids loved it. I filmed it and as soon as I figure out You Tube it will be in this post. We meandered along the Walkway of Lights and enjoyed the company and the view of the lights reflecting off the river. His son was twelve when we first met him. He would come over to our apartment and play with Justinbustin, who was a year and a half. We had this huge ball at that time that was bigger than Justinbustin was and Josh would play ball with him. Once they were playing in the driveway and Josh knocked him over with the ball. He always remembers that and feels so bad and I always laugh at the thought of how huge that ball was. Tonight he was all grown up, almost 18, and with his girlfriend. He reached to shake my hand instead of hugging me, but I wouldn't let him. Boys grow into men, but somewhere inside they are always still boys. I realized tonight how big Justinbustin has grown. He doesn't even need a stepstool to reach the bathroom sink anymore at all. He's at least a head taller than when we used to live at that house. He's growing into a man quicker than I can become the best mom I mean to be.



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