Friday, December 15, 2006

Major Case of Cabin Fever

If there was a backyard nearby for the boys to play in, heck it could be the neighbor's backyard even, I would've been saying "GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!!!" four hours ago. Instead they are in their room very sweetly wrapping present after present of their belongings to give away to Mommy and Daddy and each other. So far it's been a chess set from Justinbusting and a ball from Shawners for Daddy, a batman car and the madagascar lion from Shawners for me, and there's quite a few other things not identified under the tree.


s said...

aww thats really cute! 75 degrees i could get a tan in that weather. it has been unseasonably warm the last few days here and i have enjoyed every moment of it. walking outside in decemeber in new york, never happens!


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