Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sooooo Much Fun or My Reward for Completing My Class

(Update on Monday, May 7: I just finished my last class! Eeeee!! So excited - go me!! My professor mentioned using my girl's night as my reward and so here it is. Next downtown girl's night is approximately the end of August : )

Last night was a girl's night on the town. Allison and her group of girlies came to Austin for the night. They had a hotel room booked so once I decided to go out with them I decided to crash with them as well and not have to bother driving myself home (not that I could've in the state I was in. heh). I met them at Whole Foods and got to meet all her girlies - sweet and cute A2, fun M, gorgeous and sexy LBP who I've met before but actually got to hang out with this time, and awesome dancer T. Brando and I had skipped the birthday party earlier and taken the kids to Rudy's to eat so I just chatted with the girls while they ate.

Afterwards we headed to the hotel to check in and doll up, glitter our eyes, and break out the cleavage before we hit downtown. Then we called a cab and headed to sixth street. It was Cinco de Mayo of course so the downtown streets were packed and blocked off which made for fun walking. We must've been offered at least five free rounds of drinks just while walking. Fortunently Allison has the magic drink for no hangovers - grey goose vodka, soda water, and two limes. Perfect. We started at Spill then headed to the Aquarium for a little before going back to Spill for the night. I've only been dancing three or four times before so it took me awhile to loosen up. Once I thought about the fact that I was on a rare occasion of being out on the town with such FUN and down to earth girls I had such a great time being around and staying in a hotel to boot, I let loose and had a BLAST dancing the night away with Allison, but that's another story. We had SO much fun and got back to the hotel completely trashed - perfect for instant sleep.

This morning we headed to Austin Java Company for brunch and said goodbyes. What an absolute FUN group of girls! I had such a GREAT time and can't wait to do it again when Kel and I head up to Allison's town for another night of fun!

When I got home Brando had taken the boys to watch Spiderman 3 so I grabbed my study bag and did my final exam. Dang that was hard! I thought since it was a take home exam it wouldn't be much, but it was exhausting covering every bit of material we've covered in the last eight weeks. I took a break to go to the pet store and got Brownie a new PINK rope toy and and then to dinner with Brando and the boys. We came home and played some tennis on the new Wii Brando's Mom got the family for J's birthday, then I headed back out to study for two and and a half more hours. I was so exhausted when I got home I melted in a bubble bath Brando made for me. Now I'm off to catch up on Ugly Betty. Such a fun weekend!



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