Thursday, May 03, 2007

Note to Self

Next year plan Justinbustin's birthday party at the end of May when five million events are not going on. Not a single evite has sat in my evite inbox since December. Now there are four, three of which are on the same day as J's party. Not to mention J's friends have a million events going on themselves. Last year I inadvertantly planned his party on Mother's Day as I was using a calendar from Ireland. Apparently the Irish don't celebrate Mother's Day, at least not on the same day as the US. Anywho one kid showed up and his cousins. We threw a knight party, had a blast, and he declared it his best birthday ever, so I didn't feel so bad. This year two kids, maybe three, will be there. There's at least two more that would love to come if the first Saturday in May wasn't such a dang popular Saturday. I'm just fine with that because I prefer small parties, but it's also fun to have big parties with lots of friends. So. Next year. J's party. End of May. Or at least not the first two Saturdays. Hey, having him born on Mother's Day was incredible, planning a party around it - not so much.



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