Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wiiiiiiii! And totally random stuff

J's birthday is TOMORROW!! Happy birthday my sweet big man! Brando's Mom got the family a Wii for his birthday. Those things have been out since December but are just now starting to become available - Brando waited in line at midnight to get one and there was four people standing behind him. When they brought the Wiis out there were only six Wiis. Crazy. Anywho, we have ours and it is SO much fun. The excitement has kind of wore off because a good friend of Brando has one we've been playing for awhile but it's still a blast to have!

Gah. Either allergies are kicking me in the butt or I'm sick. I'm pretty sure it's allergies, but then again allergies aren't supposed to be green are they? Ewwww. Any way I'm feeling okay just dousing myself with herbs before my parents get here so I'm not hacking while they are here.

Well my class has ended and I don't start another until the end of June. J's cub scouts is on break and he will be out of school the end of this month as well. Yay!! Finally a free schedule for a little while. Although next week is when Jen, Michele, and I will be starting our dance class. Fun!!



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