Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happy Birthday 8 year old!

Happy birthday my precious little man! This morning I told you I never had an eight year old before and you said, "Of course I would be the first one." You are so self-assured and mature, you have a deep inner-confidence that astounds me. God has gifted you with the gift of mathematics and arts, as well as a deep passion for them, as well as giving you the gift of intelligence. Your ability to learn in any situation we put you in amazes me. In soccer you blew them away with your coordination and skill, in your first time ice skating they were blown away that you had never had a lesson before, in school you have met challenges head on and amazed each one of us with how much you have taken on and grown. At home, you blow us away with your abiblity to comprehend what is going on around you and come up with a positively new way to deal with any situation. When you were little I would tell you we can't do something, and you would come up with a perfectly realistic way that we actually could, and we would. Now you do it yourself, but you do it all the time. I see it in the way you organize your desk, the way you approach school and learning, the questions you ask me - the deep, deep questions, the way you wrap your mind around new concepts and internalize them. You amaze me little man. I can not believe you are eight. The journey only continues from here and I am so excited to have the privilege of enjoying it!

Many many x's and o's,



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