Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm Such a Mom!

Justinbustin celebrated his birthday with his class today with cupcakes Shawners and I brought him! First time I have ever done that. In fact I forgot to do it las night so all morning Shawners and I mixed batter, baked cupcakes, and frosted and sprinkled 'em. Then we brought them to Justinbustin's lunch, sang happy birthday, distributed chocolate or vanilla and we were off. Awww, I'm such a Mom. hehe

In other news our financial situation is in the crap shoot! Holy crap things have gotten out of control. Courtney? You rock for all that you're doing with your debt and stuff. We had - read: had - been keeping track of what we were spending, keeping an emergency fund, paying off debt one credit card at a time, blahdiddyblah, but hell if I was going to keep it up one sided. Okay I don't mind keeping it one sided, but heck if I'm going to pinch pennies so my sweet darling hubbers can spend those pennies on the next new toy he's got his mind set on. I don't think so. So you know what? I've been enjoying my dates with Shawners, not feeling guilty for getting cupcake materials, getting the doggie bones and doggie supplies as needed, and feeling good about getting what we need when we need it. And I don't feel a drop of remorse.

As I texted Brando the other day, "I am with you every step of the way but I cannot make the decision for you. You have a choice to make. You can choose to let our money go where it may and be in financial ruin and you can choose to decide where it will go and have financial liberty. [aren't I poetic? ha]" His text back was, "I appreciate your support and particularly that you are supporting me make or break... That is VERY strong of you." It actually kind of blew me away so I asked if he was being sarcastic and he said no, he was trying to be very clear that he WASN'T being sarcastic and that he thinks it is strong of me.

Will things change? I don't know. He's seeing my counselor now too (yay!) separately from me, and he is talking about the issues that keep him from talking to me about money. As far as I'm concerned until that is dealt with I would rather not talk about it and have our relationship. When we talk about it tensions rise and get high. We need to deal with it when we've matured. We're not mature enough right now to deal with it and save our relationship at the same time. Soon though!!



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