Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dear Friend,

So a friend who reads my blog wrote me recently and asked what I was up to these days and mentioned she lost track somewhere along the way. I realized I've been so busy that I've forgotten to add the details of life on here!

I finshed up my first course in college and am beginning my second tomorrow!! Yay! At this point my goal is to earn a degree and then put Brando through college. At which point he will be a successful realtor, be known throughout the city for his amazing investment insight, and we'll be making tons of money any way. : ) Realistically, J and S will both be in school next year and that gives me some time to take a few well timed courses without worrying about babysitting. Hopefully this will allow me to finish up my degree in a more timely manner. I'm still giving myself ten years - because well, I have kids, and no family in town (my one sister and her family who live forty-five minutes outside of town is thinking of moving out-of-state *pout* but that's a story for another)! Besides they will be in highschool at that point and that will be a great starting point for a career for me.

Some friends and I have also started a super fun and super energetic dance and aerobics class. Li calls it aerbohop (hip hop and aerobics). Kels will be joining us soon since the moment she found out she gave me an earful for not telling her I was taking it when I first started! Oops. I switched my math course to mornings instead of evenings in order to keep taking this, also because I've heard taking math in the summer is good and having it be at least three days of classs helps you to retain all the information. We'll see.

J finished up school last week (that was the end of the year party by the lake we went to) and has some FUN stuff going on this summer. Cub scout day camp, art classes, vacation bible school, possibly a business and a lego robotics camp, and of course summer reading clubs. The boys have already earned free tickets to Six Flags over Texas San Antonio thru one reading club this spring! Whoohoo! Go them!

S will be starting kindergarten this fall and has a kindergarten camp coming up to prepare for it! SOOO cute. I am SOO excited for him to make friends this year. He has felt so left out when J has had playdates with his friends. On the same note we've enjoyed so many dates together, him and I, this year. Chuck E. Cheese, trips to Hobby Lobby and Toys R Us, playing the Reactrix floor video game at Barton Creek Mall, going to Main Event, playing games or going to the park, and talking. Those are moments I will always treasure and am so grateful that we had.

Between courses, summer camps, art lessons, and parent teacher training meetings this summer we have a completely PACKED summer that I spent the day today creating my calendar for the season. I'm excited for the kids, though, and for me!

Oh, the house is progressing! Brando did the construction walk thru last Friday and said, yes, that's where we want the garage, back door, patio, etc. and they'll be pouring the foundation probably this week. We've been so bad and haven't taken pictures! Lord willing, we'll be in it in the fall.



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