Friday, May 11, 2007

Go Me!

I have to post this really quick because Blogger has a scheduled outage at 4pm. But today was a DAY. I realized J had a field trip downtown at 12:45pm on the UT campus just as I realized I was babysitting Krist*n's baby from 1:30-5. I compromised, met her at 1pm and we traded cars and I went down to J's field trip with all three boys. We hit traffic and it took us 45 minutes to get there. Siblings weren't allowed so as soon I got there after navigating one way streets and finding a parking spot amidst a thriving college campus on the fourth floor of a parking garage I put J in the care of another mom on the trip and waited outside with S and the baby. They were done fifteen minutes later and he still got to see the only two things they all saw on the field trip any way - the Gutenberg Bible (sp?) and the printing press.

Afterwards we headed to ice cream for a reward for ME for sticking through it all amidst the many obstacles and J had a meltdown. Once again I was perfectly calm through it all, let him cry it out, then offered him his ice cream, and talked to him to make sure we both understood what was going on. We played for a bit at the cow park and headed home.

When we got home I realized I'd given K my house key with the car keys. Fortuenntly the back door was unlocked! Must post now before Blogger goes out but that's pretty much it! Oh yeah, my parents are coming tonight so I'm working on getting the house clean in the midst of it all : ) . hehe



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