Thursday, May 17, 2007

Normally my title controls the subject of my post but today I don't have a title so you get whatever comes out. I am FINALLY getting together with my girlie Kels after almost three months (as she says I don't think that's an exaggeration) of not seeing each other. Next Tuesday nobody but Kels!! Hopefully when I move down there we won't go so long without seeing each other.

Unfortunately on the other end of that I hope there won't be three months between seeing my girlies where we live now when I move down south!! It's already hard enough to see them!! Speaking of Jen and I went to our first dance class last night. SO fun. Okay I admit I was SO freaking lost - especially on the footwork which meant I was concentrating so hard on that forget about the hands. I still had fun and mentally pushed past the give up feeling. This class was a cardio jazz class with LOTS of body moves - hip thrusting, arms going, everything. Loverly. Next week we'll be doing a beginning hip hop class, I'm hoping that will be a little easier. This is the first time I have ever taken an aerobics class so it's that much more challenging to learn even the basics. Thankfully I've done a few DVDs with my neighbor so I knew some of the very very basics - the grapevine, side step - but I get totally lost on the turns or going forward or back especially back. Any hints, suggestions, practice, etc. are totally appreciated!!

I received a baby shower invitation that is out of this WORLD. I have never seen such a gorgeous baby shower invitation. Completely custom printed, four parts, dang it's nicer than most wedding invitations I've seen. Anywho I'm still deciding if I'm going to go or not, I know the girl but not incredibly well, and honestly the invite is a little intimidating. And I would need to get a new sundress... : ) Girl, where did you get that pretty yellow one?

Oh I never blogged my parent's trip. Some of it was fun. My sister planned it all and it was a little boring. Okay a lot. Usually when my parents go home they call me several times during the following week to tell me what a fabulous time they had, as well as gushing about the trip before they're even on the plane. They haven't called once this week.

When I plan stuff we'll do Schlitterbahn, the pool, Austin Parks n Pizza, eat at Olive Garden, etc. For Saturday my sister planned a day at the lake which WAS fun and they were so sweet they gave Justinbustin a REAL fishing pole for his birthday. For Sunday I had planned Mother's Day Brunch which was also a BLAST and delicious, then it kind of petered from there. We hung out at a freaking BOOKSTORE for three hours because my sister's family had to meet up with her in-laws for mother's day dinner and didn't want to do anything that involved time in the meantime such as swimming.

The minute they took off we headed home after a quick stop at Sephora to spoil me :D and went swimming. My Mom got in the pool which if you knew my Mom you would realize that doesn't normally happen and we had such a great time!! We headed home when it started to rain but had a blast getting to the cars trying to keep everything from getting soaked. Then Brando and I went to Rudino's to grab yummy Greek salad and pizza and we had dinner and played the Wii, which was a blast.

Monday sucked. My sister had planned for us to go to the Children's Museum in downtown Austin, but when I checked online for coupons I noticed they were CLOSED. So we ended up going out to where her son works and having lunch, which also sucked, because apparently the guys he works with are trying to get him fired because they're a**es and they were the ones who made our lunch and they WERE a**es. Dumb.

Afterwards my sis and her boys took off and we headed towards the airport and stopped to have ice cream. Yum! Funny how the best moments this weekend besides the lake day were withOUT my sister's family and the lack of any kind of eventful things to do. Sigh. I had gotten sick of pushing and pulling with her and her fam every time my parents are out here to make sure we all have some great memories, but I'm totally going to plan next time! Or even just NOT planning but giving time to go to the freakin' pool a little more!!!

Still my parents ended up staying with us - yay! They had wanted to stay at my sister's who tried to pawn it off by saying that I always want them to stay here and her family was 'okay' with that, but I said absolutely not, they stay where they want to and they want to stay at your place, that's YOUR choice not mine. I wasn't going to let her use me as her scapegoat. Then it came out that because of their dinner Sunday night they would rather my parents stay at my place any way. Sorry, had to vent the family drama for some reason.

Oh one final totally random thought that reading Allison's latest post got me to thinking of - allergies are kicking me in the BUTT these last two weeks. I've never had allergies before but I guess it is true Texas gives you allergies. The sneezing, the itchy throat, the sinuses clogging, YUCK. On a futuristic note I'm not sure if I want to be here forever just because of that!



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