Sunday, January 18, 2009

Book Review... & Kristin!

In the last month I've finished all four of the books in the Twilight series, and now How to Sleep with A Movie Star (which is really nothing of the sort). Because I couldn't stand the thought of not having something to move onto when I was done with the Twilight series, I snatched up How to Sleep With a Movie Star, the only book that looked interesting on the Barnes & Nobles bargain table. For a mere $2.50 how could I pass it up?

At first glance it seemed to be pure chick lit, light and an easy read after skimming a few pages. As I dove into it last night after finishing Breaking Dawn the evening before, I realized it was a similar premise to what Twilight's theme had been. Girl doesn't feel good enough for overwhelmingly dashing and charming man. There wasn't quite as much interaction between girl and dashingly charming man, but the road to get there was worth it and it more than filled the empty space the Twilight series left behind.

Any way, as I read it I thought of Kristin and wondered if the career worries and choices that the main character dealt with are in any way familiar to her since their line of work is/has been similar. Which made me realize I never posted the pictures of when we were out there!! So in honor of her and her hard-earned line of work, I thought I'd finally post the picture of when I got to meet her in San Fran at an adorable breakfast place I forget the name of. I don't think I ever even emailed her the pictures : ( !! And just because it's funny I'm posting the picture we forced the guys to take. We took our girlie pictures and so we made them take a guy picture : ) . Next post, the pictures with Cecilia and Courtney. Gah, I can't believe it's taken a year for me to post these.


Camels & Chocolate said...

Aww, cute! I love the one of the men...aren't they handsome? =)

OK, I'm about to fire my Google Reader...I've added you SO many times (as I've added others as well), and it never shows you in my feeds...grrr! Trying once again!

And I clearly need to read that book!


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