Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Casual Headband Look

This hairstyle I recently discovered from a Hills episode and l-o-v-e! I've always liked headbands on other people, but the whole hair pulled back from my face thing has never worked well for me. This allows my face to be framed AND I get to wear a headband. This one is super simple, I do my hair normally and then place the headband exactly in the middle. Be sure to use a headband that contrasts with your natural hair color i.e. light colored headband for brunettes and dark hair, black or dark brown headband for blondes. I tease the hair behind the headband so it doesn't disappear completely from the front view, smooth it down, spray it all with a light finishing spray and I'm good to go. Here's a side view picture from over Thanksgiving of when I did this hairstyle. You'll have to excuse the throw up in your mouth a little.


Betsy77 said...

You look awesome * pretty as always :)


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