Tuesday, January 27, 2009


With all these companies being bailed out , where is the relief for the consumer? These companies who sold credit to people in excess and are now being bailed out by those same people. The customers, who are now not only paying the current money they owe to these companies, their insane credit fees, interest fees, are also paying to keep the business and the payroll for the big guys afloat.

It would be like one's brother giving a loan, knowing there is no ability to pay it back anytime soon. Dumb, but it's accepted. Then, the parents give him the money he loaned free of charge. Yet somehow one still owes the brother every cent, plus fees for being late and higher interest just because they may've skipped a bill elsewhere. Oh, and by the way, they now also have a bill tacked on to that to pay the parents back for helping the brother out.

Seems like one giant f*ck up to me.



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