Sunday, January 25, 2009

Note to Self

Not the greatest idea in the world to plan a trip to the vineyard for a wine tasting the day after a martini party. Especially one where we drank so much and stayed up til' 5am. We had a blast at the gorgeous vineyard even with the hangover. The sunny skies broke through and the weather warmed up just for us. We had an amazing sunny entrance to the vineyard, enjoyed our wine tasting, cheese, and grapes. Then, the clouds and cold closed in again as we left and I tried to figure out why I knew 2+2=4 but I wasn't sure if it equaled 3 or 5. That pretty much explains the fog in my head that is only now starting to lift after a big pot of coffee.

Martini Party h'ordeourves
Martini glasses

Flat Creek Vineyard

We fell over shortly after this.


girl from florida said...

LOL! You make me laugh. Looks wonderful :)

L said...

ohmygosh, those apps look delicious!! If I had a husband list, I would add "will take fun pictures with me" to it. :)


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