Friday, January 23, 2009

Things I'm Grateful For

This transition back into the never. fuckin. ending. routine of life has me so down after the cheer and care free of the holidays that I thought I would write a list of things I'm grateful for and have enjoyed since break.
*Bike riding the Veloway (or attempting to any way and deciding we don't like roadies much when biking with two children)
*Reading while watching the boys bike the hills at Palmer Event Center
*Biking Town Lake and taking a picture of our family by the skyline
*Going wedding shopping with one of my fav girls Genie
*Girls nights with Li, M, and Ambs, making dinner together and watching the new Bachelor and our oldie but goodie Gossip Girl (we didn't get into the City)
*Touring our own downtown and taking fun pictures in yellow stringy things
*Dinner with my girl, KT, even tho it started in tears (something about tears this week, three of my friends and I have cried buckets. All on Monday, too)
*Creating my itinerary to Hawaii
*Thinking about girls weekends coming up, trips to Cali, and SUMMER
*Being asked to attend my good friend's second birth
*Being able to go on dates, even though we're clearly out of practice
*My child watching the inauguration at school
*4 hours at home by myself last Saturday
*Dinner with JaeWu last Saturday

Art Sculpture downtown on the UT Campus

The Domain
Truthfully all this happy time with Brando has me feeling a little nauseous. I need my girl time to balance me out! Although I have been having plenty of girl time I have had equal time with Brando thru my own effort thinking it would be good for him. I'm thinking either I'm adjusting to not having more girl time than I have with Brando or I just plain need more girl time to stay well balanced!! Hmm, typing that out may've just answered my own ponderings. I am spending more time with him for HIM, but I need to make sure I take care of myself. I am grateful for
*the opportunity to go out on dates with Brando, and that we make it a priority.


Larissa said...

When you go to Hawaii, I'll be sure to give you some recommendations!

Camels & Chocolate said...

I LOVE those pictures of you two in the cool!


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