Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I Have to Blog This

I may delete it later so read quick...

My husband (which I'll refer to as B, since that's the first letter of his nickname) has been considering working with my Dad for awhile now. Just recently the opportunity came up for my Dad (which I'll refer to as D because it's so much shorter than my Dad) to be able to expand his business out near where we live and possibly have my hubby run it. Just tonight D calls me and says how would you like to move out here (Cali) for 6 months while I train B? Uuuuuh. WELL. Um. Yeah. Sure. Whatever. Erase any trace of life I have out here. Haha. No just kidding. B and I have actually been talking about it quite a bit. He would have to quit his current job which has been a good source of surviving for the past 4 years in order to work with D which he has already been considering going to college which is hard to do in his current line of work, grocery, working shifts. Working with D would allow him to do that, plus give him a whole new line of training he's never really imagined. Good thing? I'm thinking so. PLUS okay get this. We've been talking about having a baby, another one. Actually talking about getting pregnant in September. Annnnd we flew out to California to have the last one with the midwife that delivered our first when we were still living out there. Which we want to do the same thing with this one as well. Sooooo moving out there for 6 months would be just about right. We were out there 4 months last time. Got to talk to B about it of course. I think we'd be making enough money to pay for our house plus we could live with my parents, which we did fine for the 4 months. I'm wondering how 6 months may do. Anybody want free rent and take care of our house? Haha. SIKE. Well unless we know you really really well. Which I'm hoping nobody I know reads this because I haven't talked to anybody about it yet!! AAACKK! Alright well there you are.


Pink Sun Drops » Ahahahahaha said...

[...] if you email me there I may not get it. Off to enjoy the weekend!!! PS We’re going back to Texas in the next few months! Yipppeeeeeeee!!



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