Tuesday, August 03, 2004

So Much To Say and Not a Word to Say It

So I'll just start listing random weird facts about today:

1. I got the M*A*C makeup I've been wanting - yea! Paid $82 but got more than I thought I would for that.

2. Found a jacket. oK yes, I KNOW it's freakin' hot!! But I've been looking for the "perfect" jacket for almost a year now and today I saw it at Aeropostale for $25 so of course I HAD to get it. By the way if you want a jacket for the winter they're 50% off there. So get it now.

3. My Dad called. Apparently the line of business they're in has opened up near here and it's possible they may be getting a second home out here. OH BABY would I love that!!! I would just LOVE to have my kids around their grandparents. Sometimes I think it would be worth the cost of moving back to our hometown, other times a most resounding no. Not exactly a super family friendly place to bring kids up in!

4. My kids and I had a really good time playing baseball and football, well catch with the football, and playing in the kiddie pool outside for an hour or so this evening.

5. I got an Iced Grande Caffe Vanilla Latte and an English Toffee Bar at Starbucks. Yummmm!! My 2 yr old got a Horizons Organic Vanilla Milk and my 5 yr old wanted something I knew he didn't like so he ended up not getting anything, which he still had a good attitude about thank God!!

6. It was a WONDERFUL day!


Lisanne said...

I really kind of hope that my parents move somewhere out here eventually, because then our child will be closer to his or her grandparents! That would really be cool. They like Massachusetts a lot, so maybe ... who knows! Have a good day! :)

Shannon said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love your camera!

Rude Cactus said...

Yay for wonderful days outside having fun!! Beats being stuck in a windowless office like me!


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