Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter & Big Bad Bubba's

Or maybe it was Big Bubba's Bad BBQ. Either way, I rode a mechanical bull this weekend. And let me tell you that was NOT something that was easy to do on a Saturday night with fifty million eyes staring at you and a loud song of some sort of sexual hinting starting to play when you get on the thing. I was actually so nervous my cousin had to spend all night talking me into it, and I finally agreed only when she said, "Can you live in this family and not worry about that?" in response to my being afraid of looking like an idiot. I'm still not sure what it meant, but it was enough to get me up there - at least with her. It was a blast and I was still shaking when I got off. We caught it all on video soon but it's not in my possesion otherwise I might be very tempted to put it up just so I could come back here and laugh when I need to. I even went twice. Now I'm sore two days later.

So, the story. We went up Friday night and stayed halfway in Los Banos on the hardest beds I have ever slept on. I swear I must've woken up six times. Still it was nice stopping halfway and not driving the whole stretch at ten o'clock at night. My brother had dropped off my SIL at the hotel earlier so we took her in the morning and continued on our way.

We got there about ten or so and enjoyed my cousin's bridal shower. She is very modest, according to her her boyfriend and her have not had sex, and she's still a virgin, pretty sure he is too. Which is why she died of embarrasment when one of the first gifts she opened was a gorgeous green with deep pink tropical flowers on it bra and matching thong. She was hiding it under the table as the rest of us were cracking up with laughter. When she did finally pull it out enough to look at it she holds up the thong and says, "How does it work?" which set us all off again. Pretty much the whole thing was like that as it WAS a lingerie shower, except for the strange Auntie Mame outfit from my Great Aunt. It was a long flowy sleeveless orangey robe one might expect to see back in the 50's or so on your great aunt with a long cigarette hanging out of her mouth with her blue hair all wrapped up in curlers. She did try that one on and model it for a picture. It was at the Vintage Press and lunch was delicious. As was the sinfully rich chocolate cake.

Afterwards we headed to my Aunt K's to visit and say good-bye, which we did. Very sadly. Five minutes back on the road, Hubby had a very pouty look on his face. He ended up calling his Mom per my recommendation and she said if his friend who was having the good-bye party couldn't understand why he couldn't make it then he wasn't a friend. And of course the friend did understand, and my MIL is so wonderful she understood as well and figured it would be that way any way. So we stayed and had a blast - the barbeque at my Aunt's that evening, the Bad BBQ, Easter brunch (oh my WORD so yummy), and just getting to visit with my Grandma and Grandpa who drive up from Arizona. And my cousin who's getting married in May. We didn't really grow up together so it's been really fun getting to know each other now that we can (long story) and I wish we were closer in distance so we could hang out more, she is a blast and my kiddos love her. And soon she'll be a Mrs. and I'm sure that will create many stories of it's own as we're headed that way to San Diego in May.

Hope everyone had a very Happy wonderful Easter and the same for this week!



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