Friday, March 11, 2005

Scrap Metal

We took the kids to see Robots tonight. Cute movie, nothing spectacular, nothing horrible. Entertaining, funny at times, with the usual adorable character or two. We had the strangest audience. They laughed at the oddest times. And it wasn't just the one guy sitting in the back guffawing at everything, it was the whole audience. Hubby and I just looked at each other with bewildered looks. Most of the things they laughed at were meant to be funny, but weren't. They still laughed. Loudly.

Little Guy was utterly exhausted but managed to stay awake during the whole movie and pizza (well, gumball and a few pieces of pepporoni) afterwards. He crashed two seconds into the car ride home. Big Guy was also tired but made it through the movie, a game of PacMan and a road racing game, and is now sleeping peacefully in bed, despite the cousins upstairs. Thank God I thought it was the baby cousin waking up and told him not to go up there. He'd have been instantly wide awake.

It was a wonderful family date night. Good time together, yummy pizza, and crawl into bed.



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