Tuesday, March 15, 2005

We're Going On a Date Tonight, We're Going On a Date Tonight

and I'm so happy!

No, that's not us. I don't know who it is and I didn't take the picture either, but it's cute!

Added: We had a wonderful evening. Super Babysitter got here after Little Guy fell asleep, he was so cranky, and took over so we could get ready. Ahh, there is nothing nicer than getting ready when someone else is watching your kids. We got fancied up a little and went to Chili's. Yes I know we like that place way too much. Let's just say it reminds us of home - the only decent restaurant back there in that tiny town. Hubby had two Preserita's, he made up that new name for them and thought it was quite funny, as did the waitress. We ran into an old friend of his who we haven't seen since way back when we were dating. She oohed and aahed over the kid's pictures, and mine - wasn't supposed to be in there. It was good to see her. She is close with a close friend of Hubby's, used to be part of the group they hung with, and he always wondered what she'd been up to. We laughed the night away and came home relationshiply refreshed.

Good thing. Hubby's headed off tomorrow for an interview in Austin - looong story. Short version, he's supposed to be training out here to take my Dad's business back to Austin and it's not going to happen. He's still doing the training, but we've got to get our own arses back to Austin job-wise. He's decided he wants to do something else than this particular job, still in the field, just probably not with this company he's going to interview with, but he still wants to go and find out what it's all about. So we'll see what happens.



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