Thursday, March 03, 2005


Hubby and I went out on a mission last night. A new spring wardrobe for ME! Why is it that the places that had super cute stuff online just weren't so cute in person? Everything for the most part had to be layered with a tank top - either because it was see through or low. Well that or have a bra that was just right and still managed to be comfortable and supportive, something I have no idea where to find. Unless of course it WAS a tank top then it didn't need layering although they sometimes still layered it. I just can't stand the way layers make me feel, even if it's just a thin tank top. I end up feeling very bulky and uncomfortable, not to mention HOT, all day long even though I may in fact look cute and I do really like the layer look on other people. American Eagle? SUPER cute stuff online. In person? See through, super thin, super low. Urban Outfitters? Always cute stuff but I just couldn't pull something together that I'd actually WEAR and feel comfortable in. I finally ended up at O'Neill, a local surf shop.

Found a cute black dress that will work for the evenings and a pretty flyaway skirt and white tank top that'll be purty for my cousin's wedding in May, even though I already found something for then, this works better. I may end up returning the other for the same thing (it's the bottom right, the Roxy Swellville) in the very pretty seaglass green, it'd go with my new white tank top too, another plus as I don't really have a top to go with it right now. I found a picture of the dress but it's doesn't look so cute in there - it doesn't look good on the model and it's a very bad angle for her. It really is TONS cuter and MUCH more elegant looking yet still casual and fun at the same time.

(only in white)

I also tried on these super cute gaucho pants. But you'd have to find the perfect length shirt because a shirt going over them just looks bad. Even if you found a shirt that falls above them, I'm not sure if it would look right. Well I spent most of my gift card there. I've still got $40 left - enough to buy half a bikini. Maybe I'll actually buy the other half.

So we didn't quite accomplish our mission but we had a good time and I spent some of my gift cards from Christmas. I KNOW that long, right? But I have the HARDEST time spending gift cards or certificate's. I don't want to spend it on an impulse buy when down the road I may actually NEED something from that store and not have any money for it. Last night I figured I should use them for something I wouldn't normally ever buy for myself and would truly appreciate receiving as a gift. Oh and I found what I'm going to spend Hubby's gift card gift to me on. The store was closed but I saw it in the window. Pretty white bowls with a raised leaf design. Simple, elegant, and super useful. Also something I would not normally buy for myself.



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