Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Pressure Pressure

Thanks to Girl, hehe.

Thought I would update you all on Big Guy's "nice lady". We did go see the first one and she just did NOT click. With him OR me. First of all she went on and on about Little Guy who the appointment was NOT about. Yes that can be a good thing but not when that's pretty much ALL she talks about. So then after spending hardly any time at all with Big Guy she proceeds to tell me exactly how he is. Great, so now you know him better than the woman who bore him and has raised him the past 5 years? Thanks. Then I mentioned I was concerned about the reading, and she said here we'll do some right here. And then proceeds to try and get a 5 year old boy to sit down on a couch for any lenght of time. Yeah, right. Work with young boys much? Of course she had to eat some of her words right then, only it was her fault because in fact he actually DOES love to learn, just the way that the majority of boys DO with action - not sitting down in a seat. I tried to make that clear when I asked if she had any toys, and she mentioned she had a few but needed to get more. Red flag. Any way the two toys she DID have completely engaged him and she got to see his sparkling personality. Then when she tried to "teach" him to read he got squirmy. Well, yeah. He picked up as they went along but I could just see tears in the future of Mommy please I don't want to go, instead of the abounding joy that he had in anticipation of seeing his nice lady when we were in Austin. So nix that.

Tomorrow we have another appointment with someone else. I spoke to this lady at length and wrote out my questions before talking to her. It sounds like their group is a lot more play-based and don't have any problems at all with parent involvement, in fact they encourage it - which is what I am looking for, and what Big Guy's previous Nice Lady was so very very good at. I am thinking of going with the lady I spoke with, but something encouraging she also said is that they (there's 3 of them) don't get offended if a child doesn't click with one and needs to switch to another. That tells me that they are more concerned about the child's needs than proving their own "teachability", which is also very important.

We have a 'screening' tomorrow at 10:30am, an interview pretty much, although I did the majority of that over the phone. Now we'll just see how he clicks with them. I'm hoping it will go well. Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes, they are much appreciated.



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