Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Cute Stuff

So I've decided enough with this beachy cute style that I absolutely love and have working on attaing more fashionable items. At Forever 21 I ended up with light and summery white embroidered pants with a tie that fit just perfect and a turqouise v-neck tee and three pairs of dangly earrings. I could only find pictures for these two.

At Fast Forward I found a bikini. Couldn't find the picture there either, argh. It's turquoise with an embroidered brown edge and embroidered flowers on one side of the top and the back of the bottom. It's that halter top style which leaves some FUNKY tan lines. All for lookin' good though : ) .

Last night I went to Burlington Coat Factory which I had no idea was such an AWESOME store - it sounds like, well, a coat factory, but it's far from. I found my first two pairs of high heels and my first pair of espadrilles. Shocking I know. I come from a beach town though so we are a cult of flip flops.

Yenia Espadrilles

Melina High Heels

And my last fun but totally random item. A chocolate brown boho skirt similar to this one. I have a shirt like the one in the pic too. With my new chocolate espadrilles, that would be a cute outfit.

Boho Skirt


girl from florida said...

SO CUTE!!!! You are OFFICIALLY the cutest mom EVER and my inspiration! I am in love with espadrilles/wedges, I have like 5 pairs. It's a sickness. I just bought some really cute ones from Aeropostle, they have a straw like bottom and white flip flop-type tops. I understand what you mean about the cults of flip-flops- that's all anyone wears around here! I love it though.

You are so cute :) :) I loved this post!!

pinksundrops said...

Girl, you're too cute. Check your email :)


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