Monday, March 13, 2006

Weekend to Remember

Renaissance HotelFriday my sis picked up the kids and we took off to the Renaissance Hotel at the arboretum for the first evening for the first evening of our marriage conference this weekend. We have been at a point in our marriage where we are wondering where we go from here. We love everything about us, our relationship, and our family, but if we had stayed where we were at we were going nowhere. We want to grow. This was the perfect timing and the perfect message to bring that opportunity to us. As with everything there were some things that were just for us, and some things that were for others. They had us take 45 minute breaks several times throughout the day as well as our two hour lunch to do projects alone but together. Then during that same break had us share what we had answered with each other and talk about it. There was nothing more stimulating for our relationship than that in the whole weekend. Before we ended each project we decided on one sentence that we would take home and work on together. We ended up with five that we can work on. I love that. Out of a weekend full of seminars five things that we can actually do. Here are our five:

Weekend to Remember

From Sessions 1&2:
Change critical questions into thoughtful interest.

From Sessions 3&4: They used the story of the speaker and his wife finally getting their kids a puppy and their 6 year old holding the puppy with tears streaming down her face saying, "Dreams really do come true." Receiving is different than accepting.
Receive each other & appreciate receiving each other.

From Session 8: This one was on sex and it was REALLY insightful.
Realize we are there for the other person.

From Session 11: This one was on being a parent.
Visibly portray our relationship with God.

From Session 12:
Be wiling to forgive for me & listen & understand for B.

They sound so simple on paper. The nice thing is we are on the same page about each of those statements, we know what they mean to each other and what they're supposed to mean.

Cheesecake FActoryThe Cheesecake Factory was a two minute walk so we had appetizers, cappucinos, and cheesecake Friday night twice, and salads and cheesecake once on Sunday. We discovered they have Paradise Iced Tea, there are real flowers in the brew. I am in heaven.

Saturday night we went on a date and went downtown to the warehouse district and checked out Malagas Tapas & Bar, then went to Fado's Irish Pub and had potato pancakes with cheddar. The food was excellent, the atmosphere not so much. We won't be back, but it was fun trying them out. We ended up at Whole Foods headquarters and our heads spun with all the choices. We settled on sushi for B, Balsamic fire roasted beets, chocolate fairy cakes, sweet fruit salad for me, and a chocolate chip canoli for both of us at the end.

We came home, lit lots of candles, and had incredible passionate sex like never before. The project for the part on sex asked very intimate questions about what my true needs are and what I think his true needs are and vice versa. That and what they taught about sex somehow turned on a light bulb in both our minds. Crossing my fingers we can hang on to that part : ) hehe. Chocolate Chip Cannoli

I HIGHLY recommend the whole weekend to anyone wanting to know how to keep going in their marriage, and keep going on the same page. Even if you're thinking about getting married. They had a few special sessions just for pre-marrieds. I honestly would love to go back every year just to refresh and remember. I know I would get something completely different out of it next year in relation to where we are at then.


Heather said...

That sounds very interesting! I might have to check that out in a few years. Gotta get the ring on my finger first.

Alyssa said...

I have always wanted to go to one of those confrences. They are having one her in a few weeks but I am missing a husband this year. Maybe next time. Have you ever been to a women of faith confrence? They are awsome as well. Maybe when I move back to Texas you me and Allison can have a girls weekend and do the confrence and shopping!!!!

pinksundrops said...

Heather, You don't have to be married to go to this, once you're engaged see if there's one near you! We met a premarried couple there, they were so cute.

Alyssa - That would be a blast. I loved how they integrated a separate session for Mom/wife and one for Dad/husband.

Cecilia said...

Wow! This sounded like a spiritual retreat for couples. It is very important to keep that part of one's self open, more so to be able to open up to the other.

As of now, I started going back to Church to re-learn how to pray. It does wonders with the heart. The doors are opening once again and I feel I am more receptive with life.

I am happy that you and B found this back. Going to it annually is more than want to keep it fresh each time...

Take care, sweetie...

girl from florida said...

That sounds so amazing! I've always been interested in going to one of those conferences. I never really knew what they were about, but everything you described sounds amazing and so intimate and relationship building. I love all your details you share too! They make me hungry for all the delicious food y'all eat. :)

pinksundrops said...

Cecilia, it really was. Glad things are going well for you. It's always good to be receptive with life, what a wonderful way to put it.

Girl, that was a special weekend. Looking back now makes me hungry too!!


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