Sunday, March 19, 2006

On Tornado Watch

Our first one since we've been out here. Now I know why California is so conducive to a life style all about the self. You don't have this weather to freak you out and keep you in shape every few months!

Austin Weather

We've been watching Serenity - spoiler in white here so highlight it to read it that scene they show you on the site is one of the very last ones in the movie. It is a very good movie especially if you watch the Firefly series on DVD beforehand. Since about five minutes into it when the first flash of lightning or multiple flashes I should say hit and the thunder shook the house. Did NOT help the freak level of the movie at all I must say. The lightning doesn't scare me but the thunder sends my heart a pounding. It's still going strong. Now I suppose we're off to open up the blinds so we can watch the lights while we lay in bed.

Oh great. B just freaked me out by saying God forbid anything should happen while we're here or ever, but if it does our closet or the boys closet would be the safest place to be. He's putting on Sky High for a moment so at least our minds will be on something else than Serenity while we go to sleep. Good idea.


Heather said...

It was so bad last night you are right. I am used to it being from Alabama. Last night I was flying back to Dallas and my flight was so delayed because of it. I am running on 3hrs of sleep.


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