Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's Back

The cuteness is back. Actually it was there all along I just haven't been blogging it lately.

Yesterday coming home from... somewhere I had the radio on and "Our God is An Awesome God" was playing. I changed it to another station, but from the back I hear J singing, "Our God is an awesome God, our God is an awesome God." and in a few minutes S chimes in with, "Does God make the trees? Yes or no?! Yes! Does God make the houses? Yes or no?! Yes! Is God the sweetest God? Yes or no?! Yes God is the sweetest God!" and many more phrases he came up with completely on his own to his own tune. They even did their duet for Daddy and again today.

J has been teaching us all he's been learning about from Sunday School and it floors us. "Did you know God is everywhere?" he asks. He had quite a few really deep questions for me the other night. I answered them the best I could then wrote them down to ask his Sunday School teacher who might actually be able to give him answers from the Bible.

B keeps saying we must do something right. That's my prayer.


my life is brilliant said...

Your kids sound adorable!!

pinksundrops said...

Aw thanks. I think they are ;)

Laura said...

Wow. . that's adorable! It's so precious when God reveals Himself to children.

girl from florida said...

That is so amazing! Kids do have the most unique and outstanding perspective on life and God. Hopefully they'll remember this :)


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