Friday, March 31, 2006

Ring Ring

J has created an address book with all the phone numbers of his favorite people in it. I told him he could use our phone anytime as we have free long distance and and he has been calling them on a regular hour by hour basis for the last two days, planning trips out here, requesting orders, and many other things I'm not even sure about. Luckily he hasn't thought of you yet Allison!

S asked me to write down a phone number for him yesterday and it takes him about three minutes, but he dials it number by number. So. He's also been calling people on an hour by hour basis. Not so many requests on his part though. He mostly just wants to talk about snowboarding. At least to Oma. Oma, and K, their cousin, seem to be the top two. And our neighbor, M.

S just came up to me and said, "Mom, I got dressed. Army, army [shirt & pants]" with a look of am I going to get in trouble? I say, "You wore those yesterday, didn't you?" With a big grin and a look of relief that I'm not going to make him change, he says, "Yeah."


my life is brilliant said...

Oh, how cute! Are you or your husband in the Army?


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