Monday, March 19, 2007

Absent Much

Which is pretty much what I'll be this next week. What I have going on this week...

*Class starts (went to the first one tonight - yay!)
*Hair appt.
*Eyebrow appt.
*House design appt.
*Trading babysitting (did that today as well)
*Justinbustin's school starts back up this week
*Cub scouts
*Dinner, coffee, and/or scrapbooking on Wednesday with a friend (whatever I'm not too tired for)
*Tentative girls night out Friday with a few girlfriends

FUN! But BUSY! So be forewarned if I'm not here, it's because I'm there.

Speaking of my class it was great! The instructor is awesome and very friendly. There's only five students in the class so far - probably because it's right at the five o'clock traffic hour which is great for the size. He had us talk to each other for twenty minutes and then introduce somebody else other than us. There's three guys and another girl probably about my age and I. She's cute and young, so that's fun. He told us the class is going to be all about us, that we'd write a lot of papers but wouldn't have to go to the library because we are the subjects. The questions he asked us and what we discussed today were, "What do you want?", "What can you get [from college, and from this class]?", "What's the difference between high school & college?" (which didn't really apply to me because I didn't do things the traditional way, but I have my theory on it any way). I think it's going to be really great because that's what I need right now - figuring out what I think and feel and believe and easing into the student and college life without feeling like I'm being thrown in.

Oh and this weekend we watched my neighbor's daughter all week as her sister was out of town and went to the Texas State Fair and Rodeo! We did the fair part which wasn't a whole lot, but that Shawners he LOVES animals - we watched the sheep show for two hours (hot dogs, bbq beef sandwiches, funnel cakes and all), Justinbustin rock climbed and we had an awesome time in the beautiful 76 degree weather.

Fun stuff!



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