Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Perfect Kind of Night

We went to a grand opening of a branch of the bank that my neighbor works at today. Boy do they pull out all the stops - professional face painting, pancakes with blueberries, peaches, and whip cream, sno cones, bounce houses, $1500 AmEx card drawing - usually they have a stretch Hummer limo they take the kids around in as well, but it couldn't fit down the steep driveway of this branch. We went for the monkey they usually have, but the branch that my neighbor works at was the last one to have one : ( . Boo! We had a great time any way, the kids loved it and it was free.

We came home and the boys and I went to the pool while Brando stayed home with an allergy attack. I got to wear my new bathing suit (I've been wanting one like this forEVER - the white with the pink hibiscus flower type)! We soaked up some sun and the boys played on their favorite alligator and then we headed back just as Brando was feeling better.

Brando played football outside (on the sidewalk, that's chaning soon hehe) with the boys and then cleaned the Brownie duty off the deck. Yay! I can open my french doors to let in the breeze again!

I made smokey bbq bacon cheddar hamburgers tonight and then made a beer and ice cream run as the boys cleaned up the kitchen. I also picked up some nails for my cute new coffee signs for my kitchen and the boys and Brando helped direct me as to where they should go as I nailed them up above the kitchen cabinets.

It's a perfect
kind of night.



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