Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Cut!

and the obligatory crappy after haircut photo

Update: Oh crap! I have no idea how the comments got disabled on this post! I saw that yesterday and thought Haloscan wasn't working - I didn't realize it was only this post.

THANKS S for helping me pick the hairstyle :)! We beautymarked short haircuts over at TeamSugar (scroll down to see my latest bookmarks) and I took her pictures and mine in to combine the two and come up with one haircut that I love! Brando HEARTS it (can guys heart things?) and he couldn't believe I was so happy with it with how much I cut off. I think he likes how much I love it even better!

Oh and Cali Girl, I don't have any other pictures with just me in it yet. The kids and I did take a bunch of crazy fun pictures with photo booth on Macs after this though teehee. I'll post them as soon as I do!



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