Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another Class

Last week I talked to my professor after class about not being able to answer the question, "What do you like about you?" He had called me out on my hems and haws on that question and my lack of answers during a group discussion, even when I was open beforehand. I shared my lack of confidence from not being in a school setting for highschool and he was so nice about it and gave a great pep talk. He asked me to do three things, 1. Stop calling myself stupid (I wasn't! Okay I guess I was when I said I FELT that way - sheesh, picky picky) 2. Step out of the box (what box? I like these walls!) 3. Give my intelligence. So I walked away thinking crap somebody knows my inner secrets I can't show my face again. Then I remembered he also told me the conversation would stay between him and me and nobody would know unless I wanted them to know and I realized I could let people know that in time, they don't know have to know that off the bat about me, if at all. That, and sweet Justinbustin offering to pray for me, gave me the confidence to go in there tonight and KNOW that I could do this class and totally open up, which I did and had a GREAT time. After class he actually commented on how great I did, that he was afraid I might withdraw after our conversation and he was just amazed how out there I was. Go me!



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