Friday, March 16, 2007

Making CDs

Who knew iTunes makes it so easy? I do this thing where I will balk at understanding something until I finally have a need for it and then I dive head on into it. We've had iTunes for years, but I've never wanted a CD so bad that I took the time to figure it out. Justinbustin has been begging for CDs for years but it's not until he started listening to his Christmas CD in March that I decided to get in gear with this whole CD thing. We went through all my iTunes songs to pick the songs he liked. I put them in different playlists for each CD - alternative, rock, inspirational - stuck the CD in the slot, and clicked burn cd. Ta-da! Done. I even figured out how to print a super fun mosaic playlist and cd cover for him. His response? "I love you." with his big ol' ear to ear grin that lights up his face. SO much fun. Now I'm excited to make my own CDs!

Not that the kid doesn't have his own iPod, he just likes his discman his Uncle M gave him.



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