Saturday, March 17, 2007

We Sold Our Van!

The mini van that is. Yup, we decided to hang on to the two smaller cars despite the car payment on one of them because you know what? It's really nice to have a car where EVERYthing works, plus if we had held onto the paid for minivan the gas mileage was higher, the miles were higher, and the maintenance - well plain and simple there's just more of it. We put $800 into it the day after we bought it for gosh sakes. We've put the same amount into the VW since then in car payments but at least it didn't have to be all in one big chunk - and the brakes don't squeak, and the remote works, and I don't have to open and close the sliding doors for my kids all the time because they are too heavy for my kids to close! Any way that was a divine work because we've had it up on Craigslist and haven't had any calls for THREE weeks. Then this last week when we REALLY need the moolah to put towards our home, we get two calls on the van. The first potential buyers didn't pan out because they couldn't meet us at a good time for us, the second one came with cash and paid on the spot. I'm pretty sure God is letting us know that He has us in mind right now which is REALLY good because I really need to be reminded of that right now.



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