Wednesday, March 28, 2007


We took a picture of the four of us on our lot the other day, so we can start taking progression pictures from before it's built to when it's completed. SO fun! That was the first time I got excited. We picked out our kitchen - wowzers did we spend a LOT on it, but everybody keeps telling us it'll be worth it, that the kitchen makes the house. We're doing this for resale or rental down the road, so pretty kitchen equals quick rental or sale. Not that I'm not going to enjoy every bit of it while I'm there!! hehe We added a few other things, like a door to the backyard through the garage, stairs to the attic, dual sinks in the master bathroom, and a few others that I forget. Little things, but things that will really make the house usable when it's completed.

As far as the boys schooling, Girl I know you were curious, we decided to keep them in the two day school for as long as we can and as long as it works for them and then go from there. Shawners will start kindergarten next year - SO cute, and Justinbustin will go into third grade - scary! A friend of ours will be teaching his math and science class so that should be interesting. The math part does seem a little slow for him so maybe we will work on more on our own. For now we have a peace with sending them to that school and letting them AND us get a little more foundation under our belts before we move on to anything else.

Counseling is going AWESOME. I heart him. It's funny, since we are dealing with going through my childhood right now I've been sharing a lot of his insights with my sister who went through the same crap and they end up being light bulb moments for her as well. That's really neat for her to hear. We've just gotten to the teenage years and will work on that a little more next week and then start working on some strategies to get past some of the issues that we've talked about.

Brando and I were hanging on by a thread there for a month or so, but the last five days have been REALLY great. We had that wonderful family weekend which just completely fills up my love tank. I'm hoping that going through the counseling will help me deal better when things are hard.

My schedule is still cram packed, but now that I'm used to it I'm finding more of a balance. I've been trading babysitting with a friend for school which has worked out well so as to not take too much time off Brando's work. Her baby boy is one of the ones whose birth I was at last year so he holds a special place in my heart - I call him Squishy from Finding Nemo, "He is my squishy and I will call him Squishy." He is SO much fun to watch and has such adorable cheeks. Now that things are settling a little bit and we're actually getting some family time in I might actually have more time for social stuff here soon, besides watching The Hills and chatting til' midnight with my neighbor on Monday nights teehee.



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