Thursday, March 15, 2007


Okay I have to share a little link I've just discovered. I've hesitated because it's been overwhelmingly confusing. It's Teamsugar - the cutesy name because they've got bloggers on the same site named FabSugar (for fashion), FitSugar (for health), YumSugar (for food), and so on.

One feature that I LOVE and which is what finally got me to make a homepage just so I could do it is the ability to 'beauty mark' your finds. If you find a product you like you click your bookmark "Save to Teamsugar", mine is saved at the top of my browser in the tool area, and you're taken to a page to pick what category you want it to go in - Fab Find, Beauty Mark, Fit Find, Yum Market, etc. Once you select that you're taken to a page where you can select an image from the page you want to save. You can add any of your thoughts to it and save it. The image is saved along with your description and the original link to your teamsugar homepage for you to pull up whenever. There's also the ability to leave comments on pretty much anything and everything you want. Another fun feature is when you are reading articles posted by Teamsugar you can add it to favorites on your Teamsugar account. I've bloglined (that deserves another post of it's own) the FabSugar blog and I get a gazillion new posts there a day - too many to read but it feels a bit like InStyle online. There's also a few personal bloggers on there which it's a perfect girlie community to find bloggers in!

Despite the initial confusal there is a lot more to it, and a lot of fun features on it that are worth figuring it out.



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