Sunday, March 25, 2007

It DOES happen sometimes!

We just went through a four hour cleaning marathon of the boys room. That would be all four of us. For four hours. Yep. It was that bad. We got rid of eight trash bags full. And we took a trip to Toys R Us - Shawner's version of finding toys that had been given up for lost - good thing, because he'd been begging to go all day. It's hilarious how they fight and cry and are sooooo upset that they God forbid! have to clean their room. Brando handles all that with them MUCH nicer than I do, so he did take care of it, and after fifteen minutes or so they gave up fighting it and pitched in. It's useless to tell them all the benefits of a cleaned room and cleared out crap during. But afterwards? They've been coloring in there for the last half hour, quiet and content as two mice snug in a rug.



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