Wednesday, March 14, 2007


So how many of you are really truly spontaneous? Apart from having a friend in town last minute and having only a short time to be able to see them, apart from having a one time shot at a once in a lifetime opportunity, how many of you are truly spontaneous enough that you would jump up at the option to go on a friend's last minute idea to go do something you can do any day of the week? Or decide to have a couple over for dinner at the last minute? I guess what I'm getting at is I suck at spontaneity! I rock spontaneity - it's the being TOO spontaneous that gets me in trouble. Hehe When I try to be spontaneous I forget things I've planned and do a plan over something that I've already planned which SUCKS because then I have to flake on the person I made my super fun spontaneous plans with. Then, in turn, if the person I had plans with in the first place has to flake on me THEY feel bad because I cancelled my secondary plans that I shouldn't even have made at all. It's like double booking. Airlines do it. Doctor's offices do it. People shouldn't. I don't give a crap about the plans falling through because I'm in my comfy Abercrombrie workout capris, Roxy shirt, and enjoying a quiet night with my family. Still it would be a whole lot better if there wasn't all this feel bad going around and it wouldn't have been there if I had just kept the PSD spontaneity in check!



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