Friday, March 16, 2007

Ahhhh That's Better

Oh my word I have been in SUCH a funk today. I finally locked myself in my bathroom and spent two hours giving my toesies a pedicure, doing a mask on my face, tweezing my eyebrows, and filing my nails - pampering girlie stuff. Ahhh I feel SO much better now. I needed that.

Next week I'm so getting my eyebrows professionally done so I don't feel like a bush!! That and my hair. I'm going short people. It's summer and it's Texas summer so buh-bye long hair, I've had it long enough any way!

S, since you're a fellow Teamsugar addict how about you start beauty marking some fun cute short haircuts with me : ) ? What is your username by the way? Mine is sundrops (big surprise).

Oh and overheard last night in What About Brian? was something I had figured out a few weeks ago. I had included a day with the girls and manicures with it though. Nic (to Deena): Boys and their video games - what is it with that. What would be the female equivalent? Deena:
I don't know. Pedicures?



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