Monday, January 28, 2008

2008 Goals Update

So S posted an update of her resolutions here, which reminded me I need to post an update of mine. You know, keep myself accountable and all that sh*t. You can see my original goals here.


On girl time: So far so good with this one!! I've been to dinner countless times, two girls' nights so far this month including a martini party, lots of afternoon rondevues, and I've been very good keeping in touch with email. I even made a new friend and we have a date set to go get coffee next week. Yay me! I've got two trips to California lined up, and am planning a third in June for my girls' trip! Note Hanging with friends doesn't really help me discover who I am as I had previously thought, it helps but I'm realizing not as much as school and therapy.

Leaving my face alone! In just the last week I've done really REALLY well leaving my face alone. I've learned how to take care of it without beating it up so much, and I've fully infiltrated my face care routine intsteaming my face every other week or so.

Being easier on myself: So this one I haven't thought much about, I guess I have been too busy to! I think I've subconsciously been working on it, because there's been more than a few times I've given myself a break when I would normally get totally down on myself. Thanks to PB&Razz, I've made a decision to not argue in front of the kids. We've done better on it, as in leaving the arguments as heated discussions without yelling, but eventually we'll get to where we take it in the other room immediately or wait until later.


Finishing another three semesters of class: I'm on my way! I'm taking another math class this semester and will hopefully stack up a few more in the summer, once my math. I originally had a desire to do psychology, but four year psychology degree = no money and I need to be able to make some money after my four year.Teaching eaching highschool or college sounds intriguing. I'm going to look into what it takes and go from there.

Getting my house to where I need it to be: Besides my house being a freakin' pigsty right now I've been steadily doing mission after Flylady mission and the weight of all that lurks in the corners is being slightly lifted. Now if only I could get the laundry to lift itself off the floor and hang itself up.

Enjoying life! In the moment: Oh I've been soooo good at this! We've been having SUCH a blast this month!! Going to Houston, spending the days at Zilker, actually making it to church, going to cub scouts, girl night and girl times. And there are pictures! Lots and lots of pictures!! Happy pictures! Now I just need to find the thing that takes them off my card to put on the computer.


Chele said...

I think it´s wonderful your resolution is having more girls time, It is just something I often take for granted and i know I need to cherish a bit more.
Your goals are good ones and I hope yo are able to keep it up.
I do think if you enjoy life at the moment everything else will be smooth sailing.
Thank you for your comment, I enjjoy making new freinds here and I really enjoy this blog after reading.

s said...

you rock!! congratulations on getting this far, everyone always says the first month is the hardest.

p.s. i won't be in austin :( or anywhere near there, but i am going to houston in july? w is from a really small town in west texas.

but when we talk about where we will live one day austin and san antonio are the only two places in texas on my list.

L said...

Wow, I'm impressed! All of that in only one month?!

And yes, you DO need to find that thing to get your pics uploaded. :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like you are doing well with your goals in just one month - impressive!

Sam said...

I can really see you being a teacher! :) Keep up the hard work.

Stacy Cross said...

Way to go, girl! :) I'm back in school, too, and I have to keep telling myself that when I'm 80 years old, I'll never say "Gosh, I wish I hadn't spent so much time getting educated." Soon it will be over and it will be 100% worth it! Keep up the good work! :)

Jamie Lovely said...

I really need to follow suit in leaving my face alone!

The Ex said...

Such fun! I'm proud of you.

my life is brilliant said...

Sounds like you're doing such a great job!

GOOD FOR YOU and Brando on not arguing in front of the kids. My parents used to ALWAYS argue in front of us. And my mom had this really bad habit of saying, "Maybe we should just get a divorce!" to my dad in every bad argument.

I told K I don't ever want either of us to say those words to each other. It sounds silly, but I once heard Dr. Phil say from the moment the "d-word" is uttered in a marriage, it's never the same. I agree with him.

I'm not saying you and Brando say that, I just thought I'd share that story for some reason. :)

I'm proud of you!

Stace said...

I only made one resolution. :) hee hee But I'd like to see pictures, and you know leaving your face alone. . .on your Houston pictures you looked A-mazing. And uh that website on S's page where in the world did you find that and have you bought anything from there? YIKES!


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