Saturday, January 12, 2008

What the hell is this?! A kid's movie?!

Dear Movie Makers and Raters,

Your rating system sucks. You really should consider a complete overhaul and realize hintingis the same thing as what it really is. You really should stop treating kids as if they are so dumb. They are very smart. Much smarter than you. They get bigger concepts. They ask questions about those. Questions that aren't so fun to answer when they are so DARN YOUNG. If a movie is PG it darn well better not have neighbors joking about poles in the bedroom, hard ons, and how good the husband is with the ladies. Or have dads commenting on other dad's daughters.

As for you movie makers, shame on you for manipulating the system to make your movie PG in order to gain an audience that should never see your movie.

Thank you so much for ruining what could have been an excellent after-christmas Christmas movie with after-christmas Christmas candy evening, and instead turning it into a run to the movie store (again) for a Chicken Little movie with after-christmas Christmas candy evening which turned out quite enjoyable, no thanks to you.

Now if only I could get the image out of my head of how sick you guys must be that that movie would be suitable for ANY child with a parent along, I could enjoy the rest of my evening reading blogs and discontinue fuming.

Could Rate a Movie Better Than You


Anonymous said...

you said it! My young son had nightmares for months after going to a G movie a couple of years ago. The previews were for Chucky in Hell... bloody eyes etc. I'm still bitter about it.


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