Sunday, January 27, 2008

Martini Tini Party Weekend

Wow what a weekend! Going into it I had no idea I had packed so many fun-filled events into one Saturday but the full realization of it all hit me when the boys and I were out of the house and on the road at 9:35 in the morning!!

First stop, we made it to the Austin's Family Magazine Summer Camp Fair. ,This truly deserves a post in and of itself, but for time's sake I will just say why. 1) I feel like such a good mommy for having all the possible fun and exciting summer day, week, and overnight camp fliers, registration sheets, and brochures neatly 3-hole punched and in a binder all ready to pick and choose, 2) They gave away t-shirt after t-shirt after baseball hat after beach ball after backpack after rudix cube after CD after popcorn... and the list goes on. The kids came away with a full backpack's worth. Not to mention every other booth had a fun activity for the kids to do to entice them to pick their summer camp, 3) Over one hundred summer camps were represented and I got to see them all in a few short hours, as well as reward my kids for patiently walking with me (and collecting loot) the entire time by letting them jump in the moonwalk and feed a camel. Justinbustin walked out of there saying, "That was AWESOME!"

We made time for a quick lunch at the South's In N Out (i.e. P. Terry's) and drove up the highway to watch Squishy while my girlfriend finished up poking my husband with needles (i.e. acupuncture). I nearly fainted when I saw him laying on the table in the process. The boys and I took Squishy for a walk around the block with Justinbustin pushing him in his jogging stroller the. entire. time. Maybe I could have another. My girlfriend finished up with Brando and we chatted about the coming week's get togethers before I kissed my hubby and boys goodbye and we parted ways.

I headed over to a girfriend's appt. to get a tattoo and made it to the finishing touches of my girlfriend, Genie's, skull and stars tattoo on her ankle, and chatted with her while it bled out (yeah, that was the cringe I made when I heard that term). And got three hugs for making it : ) .

After putting the morning's brochures and papers into a three ring binder and separating out the boys' loot into Justinbustin and Shawners piles, I quickly changed into a casual but cute enough to still look like I'm going out outfit for Brando's work event at Dave & Buster's. We chatted with his coworkers and played arcade games for the better part of the early evening, which warranted another awesome! from Justinbustin.

Back at home for the second time, I changed into my little black dress from O'Neill, evening'd up my makeup, and headed over to Li's for her second annual martini party. We set out the h'or deourves and the recipes for yummy martinis, and then partied the night away with Chocolate Martinis, French Martinis, Champagne Martinis, Acid Rain Martinis, and Flirtinis. We took picture after picture after picture, and had way too many fully martini'd out conversations that ended in non-stop girlie laughter. This is one annual tradition that's just for us girlies to doll up ourselves and our men and just enjoy ourselves.

3:30am ended the Saturday night fun and at 10am this morning I was in the bathtub with a chaser of coffee and toast willing myself to not have a hangover as we headed to church. My girlie, Kels, texted me asking me to save her a seat as she was running late. I told her, whoever gets there first. She beat us by a few minutes. I stumbled in next to her and we got sick to our stomachs over the mornings topic (men, and their wayward eyes and minds), but had a really needed serious hour and a half long conversation following our class regarding the same.

Brando, the boys, and I headed to our favorite obsession and filled our tummies to continue to ward off the impending hangover. Satisfied, we mandated a half hour nap in the car before we spent the rest of the day Zilker park enjoying the beautiful 70 degree clear blue sky day while capturing on film the boys and Brando climbing tree after tree. Kels showed up at the volleyball courts at Zilker later in the afternoon with her hubby. She and I wrapped ourselves in the amazingly warm blanket she had to lay out on the grass and chatted until the sun went down, while the boys threw balls for her dogs or played volleyball, and Brando finally sat back and relaxed for a moment.

Fabulous friends, amazing family, yummy food, outstanding drinks, and plenty of sunshine. My weekend couldn't have gone any more wonderfully.

*Pictures to come.


L said...

Man, I wish I had made it to P. Terry's while I was down there. You like it better than In N Out, right?

It sounds like such a fun weekend, and I'm jealous of the great weather you're having!

Stace said...

I thought there was a summer camp during Jan good thing I kept reading. WOW sounds like a fun filled time. Hmm martini's sound good I might need some of those recipes. :) I can't wait for pictures though.

chickbug said...

sounds amazing to this single girl in NYC. can't wait to do the same one day....thanks for sharing. =)

my life is brilliant said...

What a fun weekend! Can't wait for the pictures!


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