Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The ESP of Friendships

A good friend and I hadn't talked since last August. Every day he has his these little status messages on gmail chat. Yesterday it was Steak Monday, or something equally ridiculous. Today it was Weather permitting = Taco Tuesday. He lives in San Fran where the storms have been hitting hard. So while I was on the phone with my sis, I sent him a quick text, "now we have food theme weekdays? Hope you're surviving the storms..." knowing full well his chat was idle and he was probably busy at work and expecting no response for awhile... because that's how friendships of this sort work.

A few minutes later my call waiting beeps and I see his number. I pick up his call and say, "That was a quick response." His response, "Huh?". "The text I sent you on gmail just now... did you get it?" "No," he says, "I just left work 5 minutes ago and I'm on my way home." I love when the connection of someone who knows you really, really well never fades.



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