Monday, January 07, 2008

So In Love

Sunday we had breakfast at Austin Java and then walked Town Lake while the kids biked in front of us. Justinbustin took this picture of us and I heart it.

So in love

More pictures from the day...

Pedaling hard

Brothers - I don't know why Shawners has his hand up in the air on this one, but it's so cute.

Skipping Rocks

I love this moment of the pretty, shiny ornaments catching Justinbustin's eye.

Mr. Independent

A tired moment

A happy tree... or stump

Random Austin art on the bridge


girl from florida said...

Ohhhh the one of "Mr. Independent" would be gorgeous as a black and white! They are all gorgeous (especially that first one!).

Sara said...

YAY!! Pictures! I do love the one of you two - too precious!!

Brandon said...

Yeah, they are a bit dark. Its because i wasnt useing the flash and it was a kinda gloomy day. I could brighten them up a bit if you like. Love the photos you picked dear. I need to remember to use B&W like girl from flordia mentioned. I always forget that option =-/

Michelle said...

awe you 2 are adorable :)

pinksundrops said...

And because I heart all these comments too : )

you're pictures are so nice!!! you guys are so cute!
amanda | | Email | Homepage | 2008-01-09 - 15:07 | #

Hello doll! I found you on 20-something bloggers I'm SO jealous that you're back in my home state - I miss Texas so darn much! Austin is such a neat place, Boyfriend and I are moving back there once it's time for us to leave NYC. Hopefully soon.

Anyway, love your pictures! Love your blog!
Trace | | Email | Homepage | 2008-01-09 - 13:24 | #

Hi new blogger friend!

I want to go to Austin! Would you believe it - 43 states, 45-something odd countries and not one single trip to America's Coolest City. I even wrote a story about it a few months ago without ever having been. Too bad I didn't "know" you then =)

But it's on my 2008 travel plans, just got to figure out when!
Camels & Chocolate | | Email | Homepage | 2008-01-09 - 01:42 | #

Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

You are so photogenic! Maybe you just post the really really good pictures of yourself, but they're always really really good!
my life is brilliant | | Email | Homepage | 2008-01-08 - 20:31 | #

I love that first pic of you and your husband. You guys are an adorable couple
Lilly | | Homepage | 2008-01-08 - 17:37 | #

Aww what an awesome day that looks like! Your boys are adorable, and you and your man make such a cute couple!
Mia | | Homepage | 2008-01-08 - 12:55 | #

. . and Austin Java looks delicious. That will be on my list of places to stop next time I'm in town!
Laura | | Email | Homepage | 2008-01-08 - 12:02 | #

Love these pictures! It's like you really captured the day in them.
Laura | | Email | Homepage | 2008-01-08 - 12:00 | #

looks like tons of fun!
s | | Homepage | 2008-01-08 - 07:07 | #

That is a great picture you guys! Sounds/looks like you had a great day. Those are the best kind.
villagegirl | | Email | 2008-01-08 - 01:34 | #


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