Thursday, April 19, 2007

Everytime I think about posting...

I have something really great in mind and now that I get here my mind blanks! So for now all I've got are updates. Don't cry too many tears of sheer boredom!

Counseling: Going GREAT!! We are out of the "history" phase and into the "tools for life" phase. I was intimidated by the "tools for life" stage as I like to do things well, and I'm not sure how well I'll do at this. I remind myself that the friend who recommended this guy has told me that this really has helped her over the long run to see insights about herself and make changes. So! Long run thinking!

Classes: love, LOVE, LOVE them! My professor loves me too, which is great. It helps that I have two already graduated students helping me edit my papers I'm sure! My professor really is a great teacher and I am learning SO much about transitioning to college. The class I am taking I have heard that people can tend to blow off. I have seen evidence to the same by the amount of people showing up to class. I feel I am learning so much about - time management which is HUGE for me, learning styles in the classroom, studying skills, note taking and there is more to come. I suck at note taking as I like to write in whole and complete sentences. We're going through that part right now and I am enjoying it.

School for the kids: Pretty sure I already put this out there, but they will both be attending J's school next year. We applied for a scholarship and did our taxes all on the same day which was Monday.

Life in general: Excellent! And now my bubby woke up so I am off : ) !



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