Thursday, April 05, 2007

What was your favorite things to do as a child?

Okay guys I need your help.

I have a little guy who claims to have no fun all day long because his big brother goes to school, mommy goes to school, and daddy goes to work and he doesn't have ANYthing to do. While Justinbustin is at school I've been trying to help little guy have his own thing to do, whether it be making a mask, using magic noodles to build houses, or coloring on a disappearing ink coloring book, but I'm going to go absolutely broke if I keep going to Hobby Lobby to buy him projects to do. I'd love for him to have his thing that makes him feel he is just as important as the rest of us who have our own things going on.

What fun things stand out in your mind that YOU remember doing with your parents or your Mom? Or what fun things did you do on your own that was something you loved and felt like it was your own?



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