Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blogging Away

I am trying to stay away from the internet these days as part of a personal action statement I'm doing via my class. The problem is I miss it even if it's for a day! The internet especially blogland is my community. My connection to the outside world when I'm not able to forge my own. It's the community that's available 24/7. Not a class, not a next door neighbor, not a friend who's schedules and mine conflict, not a dinner on a Saturday night, just there. Always.

In the meantime the purpose is to create more balance in my academic, family, social, and leisure time. It worked last night! At least I laid around. Outside in the sunshine, with Brandon on the couch, with the boys as they went to sleep. Didn't do much in the way of activity except for fold laundry and read some required reading, oh and Li had some friends over so Brando and I went over there for a few margies and some conversation. That is a lot though. Maybe this no computer thing is working for me a little better than I thought. Maybe I should get through the withdrawal symptoms and not judge it so quick. Hehe, I just talked myself through that - sorry you had to hear it! Okay my half hour of internet time is up, now I'm back to the rest of life.



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