Saturday, April 21, 2007


Hubby has been gone for two days now on a business trip. He's been so cute with texting pictures to my email of his trip. It's almost like being there with him. Almost.
Leaving Austin
Landing at LAX
The seminar he and the guy he went with hosted yesterday evening.
The condo they are staying at which is a mile from the beach. According to Brando that is not that close to the beach for LA. Dang. I'd enjoy being a mile from the beach right now.
I told him something was missing on his bed.

My friends have taken such good care of me since he's been gone. I've had more social time in the last two days than I have in the last four weeks!

Wednesday Krissy - the friend I trade babysitting with, and I made plans for dinner for Friday night. That night I went to dinner with M and baby K. I haven't seen much of her at all lately so we caught up over beers at Rudy's. Later that night Jen invited the boys and I over for dinner with her and her hubs on Friday night. She was so sweet to invite us but I declined as I had already made plans with Krissy.

Yesterday Li had off work so Shawners and I went over to her place to hang out before picking up Justinbustin from school. That evening she came over to catch up on Pussycat Dolls with me (which, btw, I still cannot get completely into - the girls are annoyingly immature).

Today Li came over after work and we tanned and planned Brando's birthday gift while I babysat Krissy's baby. This evening Krissy, her hubs, her baby, the kiddos and I ate dinner at Waterloo Ice House with $2 martinis and the great entertaining playground next to their outdoor seating area for the kids.

Tomorrow we are assisting Justinbustin's school in a community service project, then headed off to meet Krissy for coffee. Whether it will be with or without the kids I'm not sure yet. M has offered to watch them during the day tomorrow if I'm able to meet up with Allison amidst her crazy schedul. Depending on whether that happens or not I just may take M up on it and drive over to say hi to Allison before I head off for coffee.

Lots of fun, needed social time and a photo blog of pictures from Brando's trip leaves me enjoying my semi alone time more than I imagined!



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