Sunday, April 22, 2007

Back to Reality

These last three days without Brando have not been the hell I thought they would. In fact the kids and I had a really enjoyable time. We had playdates, we tanned with friends (okay that was me), we went to dinner at a restaurant with a playground, we kept the house shining and spotless, we watched movies together, we made cookies and cupcakes. I even arranged a babysitter for part of Saturday afternoon and got some me time! Now that he's home it takes me back that I have to make decisions with input from someone else again.

To answer Heather's comment I did not get to see Allison. She called me for lunch on Saturday at eleven in the morning. That must have been the time I rushed the boys down to the house and dumped us all in the shower to get rid of the poison oak oil that covered our clothing and skin because I LEFT MY CELL PHONE IN THE CAR!!! An hour and a half later I'm sure she was on to some pre wedding happiness, and I on my way to a few hours alone, stopping at Sephora for a makeover and then to coffee at 360 Primo with a friend. So no seeing Allison this weekend. Boo!!

The kids and I went and helped Keep Austin Beautiful in their annual clean up Saturday morning. They had about twenty meeting points all over Austin for people to come and get equipment and pick up all the garbage on the sides of the road. They equipped us and gave us an area that was about half a mile long on either side of the street. The first part was covered in poison oak. We started to dig in until the family we were with told me they had the poison oak lotion back at the meeting point. We went back to put it on and still showered with TechNu poison oak soap when we got home, immediately putting our clothes through the wash. Fortunently by the time we got back from putting on the poison oak lotion the other family had gone through that area already. We went through the rest of our area and discovered some gorgeous flowers and lots and lots of trash. Mostly beer bottles, cans, and cigarette butts. Dang if people would stop smoking and drinking in their cars and throwing it out the window there would be a lot less trash. At least on that area of the road. I would've never thought picking up trash was fun but it was a blast to learn how to do it safely and such a fun experience to be out with another family and taking care of our town while having cars slow down for us because volunteers are flagging down cars at all major thoroughfares to our road and letting them know to slow down!

Brando got home at 2:30am last night. Boy did I want to stay up for him but after having three and a half hours of sleep the night before (long story involving babysitting and Starbucks frappucino) I was out like a light by 1am. He knocked on the door without a key and when he called to ask me to open the door I actually told him I would and then fell back asleep.

Today was his birthday!! Happy 26th baby!! I made him a cupcake tower cake last night and a basket of guy goodies and left it on the island in the kitchen for him to discover. He LOVED it and we had so much fun watching him open it this morning.

Later we went to the San Antonio Zoo, because, well, we have kids. We had a great time any way and finished off with dinner at Hard Rock Cafe on the Riverwalk.

So now it's back to reality on a week night. Tensions have risen as we are both used to getting to make decisions for three days without the other's input. In the meantime I have decided I will make time for blogging when I want to and not feel bad about doing so. Because damn it it's theraupetic and reminds me I do have a freaking life outside of the daily grind! I do a lot of fun things, with family and with friends, and I need to remind myself of that!



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