Monday, April 02, 2007


If I felt like I had nothing to talk about as a MOM now I really don't feel like I have anything to talk about now that I'm a Mom and a student. No time for any kind of social life! Which is totally getting me down. I carved out time for the classes and the counseling, left whatever was leftover for my family, which is still intact, thank God, and totally left friend time by the wayside. At least any EFFORT for friend time. If you're my next door neighbor, Li, (thank God for her) and you can land in my lap, great, otherwise good luck seeing me.

Fortunately I have a friend who is in the same position life change wise, hers is starting her private practice in counseling, so we're in the same nonsocial boat together. We're getting together to talk about it. I'm also trading off babysitting with a different friend so I get to see her in passing which has kept me surviving. On top of that, she is the momma who's been going to school practically full time since she's had her baby. Between classes and passing kiddos back and forth we're going to talk on how she's surviving with the whole when the hell do we have time for social time subject which will help.

Oh, speaking of school, I wrote and turned in my first paper! Yippee!! My professor was so thrilled - he stopped me on the way out and commended me on how far I've come (already! double yippee!!). It was strange to me that 98% of the people in class had not completed their assignment that was due today. I found it interesting that more people are not taking this class seriously. Is that just community college? I'm so excited about this class, I really feel like it's setting me up for success in the college arena. As a confirmation of what the professor said about my paper I really do feel like I've come a long way in confidence AND ability in a short while. I can't wait to see how much more I learn!



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